How to Remove Mold from Vinyl Tablecloths

I have big vinyl tablecloths at home of white color. It should have been set aside without having to be completely dry. It has some mold spots around the ends of it. I don’t want to harm it further so I have not done something with it yet to risk placing the spots. I would prefer to understand what works to get rid of mold spots. Ideally, there’s something which works. This can be a pretty new table cloth. The vinyl tablecloths were purchased for use at our Church. They are utilized by numerous groups who are in charge of cleansing & returning them. When I took one-out to make use of, I discovered the mildew-like spots on the cloths and were instantly heartbroken. I never expected these cloths to have any mildew stains so early.. The mold spots could have come in the tablecloth when they were damp or it could be the storage space which could have been damp when they were stored. I was not quite sure. One should be very watchful to be certain that there is no mold or mold growth within the cabinet or cupboard where you store your tablecloths. I failed to be watchful.

Here are some brief guidelines to remove mold from your vinyl tablecloths and get it ready again for use. Take a paper or cotton towel and try to remove as much mold as possible using the towel. Make sure the towel is not damp. Take out the tablecloths and leave them out in the sun for a few hours so that they get completely dried. Prepare a hydrogen peroxide solution and put the tablecloths inside the solution. Hydrogen peroxide is an effective stain remover and would also not cause the tablecloth colors to fade. A big plastic bucket should be used for this.

After this, do some cold water rinsing to remove any residual hydrogen peroxide. Running sink water would be enough for the rinsing. You can then hand wash the vinyl tablecloths using soap and detergent. If the cloths are machine-washable, then you can do that. Otherwise, stick to hand-washing. Please follow the instructions from the manufacturer while washing. After washing, put the tablecloths in a dryer and let them dry fully. All the stains and mold smell should be completely eliminated by now. If not, then repeat the steps described above. After removing the mold, don’t repeat the same mistake of storing the vinyl tablecloths in a damp place again.

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