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An Overview Of The Wolf Of Wall Street

The movie The wolf of Wall Street is produced in 2013 as an American comedy which was directed by an artist called Martin Scorsese; Winter Terence is the one who wrote the screenplay. It was officially released on December 2013 and now anyone can watch The Wolf of Wall Street online free of charge. Leonard Dicaprio acted as Belfort. Leonard was a stockbroker in New York and his firm deals with securities corruption and fraud in Wall Street in the years of 1990 and also made millions of money by selling stocks to the local investors. Basically the movie shows candidly the excesses and crimes in full and then proves that still crime does not pay even for the super-rich.

Others who feature in the film include Margot Robbie, Jonah Hill, Rob Reiner, Jon Favreau and Kyle chandler. Jonah hill fits very well and comfortably in his character. This is the second collaboration between Terence and Scorsese after another one called the Broad Empire and was also fifth collaboration between Dicaprio and Scorsese. All these films have a similar theme and plot.

The Wolf of Wall Street maintains an intimate and close focus on the rise to power of a man who lives an extreme life of consuming everything. It portrays a good looking editing and photography which is greatly acted. It has been written by a very good and sharp mind by inserting great speeches and great lines in it. The props, costumes and sets displayed in the film makes it great-looking. The music in it has a varied and good mix of songs which are really used for the intended effect.

This movie received a great positive review especially from critics. On a metacritic scale it received a score of 75% which indicates a general favorable review with comments as self-referential, funny and irreverent to any fault. This not withstanding it was a bit controversial for its sexual content, moral ambiguity, vulgarity, presence of drugs.

Although the budgeted revenue from it was $100 million, The Wolf of Wall Street generated excess of $389 million in the whole world. It was nominated for the five awards which include the Best Director who is Scorcese, the best Picture; Terrence Winter was also nominated for the Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Supporting actor for Jonah Hill and Best Actor for Dicaprio. However it did not win in any of these categories. In the mainstream films which are non-documentary, it is the one that most uses the F-word.

The film uses the animals such as fish, chimpanzee, dogs and a lion. The lion and the chimpanzee were provided from Sarasota County in Florida by the Big Cat Habitat wildlife sanctuary. Prior to the filming, the organization Friends Of Animals highly criticized the use of animals and even had organized for a boycott of that motion picture.

The movie has been banned in Kenya, Malaysia and Nepal because of its nude scenes and the use of vulgar words excessively. In Singapore this film is only restricted to only a number of theaters because its rating is ultra-restrictive. A company called Paramount became the first studio to distribute the movie in digital format to the cinemas.